withdrawal with‧draw‧al [wɪDˈdrɔːəl, wɪθ- ǁ -ˈdrɒːəl-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] BANKING the act of taking money from a bank account, or the amount you take out:
withdrawal of

• There are penalties for the early withdrawal of savings.

cash withdrawals from ATMs

2. [uncountable] the removal or stopping of something such as support, an offer, or a service:
withdrawal of

• the withdrawal of government aid

3. [countable, uncountable] also product withdrawal COMMERCE when a product is made no longer available, either for a period of time or permanently:

• The Environmental Health Services will be aware of a product withdrawal of the company's bottled still water.

4. [uncountable] when someone no longer takes part in an activity or is no longer a member of an organization:
withdrawal from

• Poor profits resulted in the company's withdrawal from its computer games and entertainment business.

5. [uncountable] when you say that something you previously said was in fact untrue:
withdrawal of

• The case ended with the complete withdrawal of allegations against the detainees held without trial.

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withdrawal UK US /wɪðˈdrɔːəl/ noun [C or U]
BANKING, FINANCE the act of taking money out of an account, or the amount of money taken: »

The savings account only allows you to make three withdrawals a year.


There's a cash withdrawal limit of €500 per day.


There are large early withdrawal penalties attached to this mortgage.

Compare DEPOSIT(Cf. ↑deposit) noun
[U] the act of stopping something from happening or being available: withdrawal of sth »

The withdrawal of corporate sponsorship had a damaging impact on the company's performance.


withdrawal of an offer/support

[U] COMMERCE the process of removing a product from the market, either temporarily or permanently, because there is a problem with it: »

The company is still struggling to rebuild its image following the withdrawal of its new cancer drug on safety grounds.


The cost of the product withdrawal was estimated at over $10 million.

[U] the state of no longer being involved in something: withdrawal from sth »

The scandal led to her withdrawal from politics.

[U] the act of officially changing something you previously said: »

withdrawal of an allegation/statement/complaint

See also IN-SERVICE WITHDRAWAL(Cf. ↑in-service withdrawal)

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